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CF349-070 Build forts with your kids with The Whatsit

Magic, Fort Building and The Whatsit™

349-068 Toddlers to teens love to chillax on The Whatsit

Toddlers to teens love to chillax on The Whatsit™!

There is a magical world of fort building happening all over the world. Whether built indoors or out, experts say kids love constructing forts and their growth and development benefits during the process. It all starts with a little imagination and the tools needed to get started. The Whatsit™ was designed to be part couch (or two chairs), part playset. It’s the perfect gift to begin a fort building extravaganza in your home or classroom.

Indoor Fort Building

Now that you have gotten your child’s creative juices flowing with reading, it’s time to provide them with props. Forts cannot be built if littles don’t have the right fort building equipment. According to experts, building indoor forts usually begins around age 4. A fort can be representative of a child’s growth as an individual separate from their parents. Forts create a home away from home where little ones believe they are masters of their domain.

Influencer Brittany Scanlan's Boys Know How to Build with Tha Whatsit

Influencer Brittany Scanlan’s two boys know how to build many types of forts with The Whatsit™!

Secretive & Safe

Forts provide little ones with their own imaginary world where they are safe emotionally and physically. Once inside, kids feel free within their own little sanctuary to be themselves and create. If a child hides away in a bedroom all day, then adults begin to wonder what is wrong. Conversely, the behavior of a child who hides in a fort for many, many hours is considered normal. This might be one of the factors leading to children seeking refuge in a self-built place of safety.

Part of the feeling of safety comes from kids building the fort so they can peek outside, but adults cannot see inside. These dark, enclosed spaces protect kids from experiencing sensory overload. It becomes a predictable place where they feel in control.

The Whatsit™ is a Fort Builder’s Dream

Fort building is an art, and budding builders can use The Whatsit™’s foam shapes to create a safe structure where they can visit imaginary places. If your little ones have been tearing your couch apart to build, then your whole family might be ready for The Whatsit™. Playing with The Whatsit™ won’t hinder the family from gathering to watch a movie at night. It also allows little ones to keep their structure intact when company comes over for dinner. Simply enlist your kids’ help rearranging The Whatsit™ so the room looks tidy.

Bella Erickson - Magic, Fort Building and The Whatsit

Influencer Bella Erickson’s daughter disappears from the real world at will then re-emerges with a smile and a wave.

The Whatsit™ is made from ultra-soft, velvet-like material. Often, parents spend oodles of money on different accessories to make pretend play forts cozy. The Whatsit™ needs very few accessories since it’s so comfy in and of itself. Books, appropriate light sources, and snacks are always welcome no matter what the situation. Don’t fret little messes. The Whatsit™ covers easily zip off to machine wash.

Backyard Fort Building

Outdoor fort building is an activity for older kids 6-10 years old. Requiring less attention from parents, kids in this age range crave more time away to explore and examine their individuality and independence. Tree houses, teepees, stick/twig forts and quinzhees are examples of backyard forts where kids develop critical thinking skills and experience cognitive growth. Start kids with the following equipment:

CF349-071 The Whatsit is perfect for reading, socializing and chillaxing

The Whatsit™ is perfect for socializing, reading and fort building.

  • Bed sheets or other large pieces of fabric
  • Large cardboard boxes
  • Paint, paint brushes, and other painting accessories
  • Sticks or twigs
  • Pillows, blankets, and other accessories to make it comfy
  • Flashlight, books, snacks, and other stuff to make the fort a worthy refuge where kids will spend oodles of time

Although a fancy treehouse is the ultimate kid’s hideaway, simple, temporary forts are also amazing.  Construct them in new ways each time. Kids love hanging out in them as much as building them!

The Mass Appeal of The Whatsit

349-067 - The Whatsit keep shared spaces looking tidy.

Shared spaces stay tidy since The Whatsit™ can quickly be transformed back into a couch or 2 chairs at the end of the day.

The problem with so many play sets is they only keep kids interested for a season. The Whatsit™ has mass appeal and endures through the years. Long after kids grow out of building forts, The Whatsit™ will seamlessly transition to the perfect spot for playing video games, reading, relaxing and snoozing. They might even cart it off to college!

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