Children’s Factory, LLC warrants that its products will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of:

Active Play ClassicRider® Trikes 5 years
Covered Foam-Filled Products 2 years
Helmets 1 year
MyRider® Trikes & Bikes 5 years
Ride-Ons 2 years
RuggedRider® Trikes 5 years
SilverRider® Trikes, Wagons & Scooters 5 years
Taxi Trike 5 years
Traffic Signs 3 years
Arts & Crafts Mobile Drying Rack 1 year
Smocks & Splash Mats 2 years
Classroom Furnishings Assembled Birch lifetime against manufacturing defects
BaseLine® Tables & Chairs 5 years
Bean Bags (excluding polystyrene beans) 1 year
Educational Rugs lifetime against manufacturing defects
Mirrors 2 years
MyPosture Chairs 10 years
MyValue Table & Chair Sets 5 years
NaturalWood Tables & Chairs 5 years
Pillows 2 years
Play Carpets 2 years
PlayPanels® 2 years
Sound Sponge® Quiet Dividers® 3 years
Sound Sponge® Quiet Dividers® Accessories 1 year
Value Line Birch Furniture lifetime against manufacturing defects
Value Line Furniture lifetime against manufacturing defects
Value Stack Chairs lifetime against manufacturing defects
Value Tables 5 years
Dramatic Play Costumes 2 years
Dolls & Puppets 2 years
Mailbox 3 years
My Mail Bag Set 1 year
Indoor/Outdoor Play Activity Cart & Cover 1 year
Ball Cart & Cover 1 year
Basketball Stand & Ball Return 2 years
Kidfetti 2 years
Molded Products 2 years
Sand & Water Tables 2 years
Science Exploration Table 5 years
Literacy Technology Tables lifetime against manufacturing defects
Manual Dexterity Manual Dexterity 2 years
Nursery Changing Table – Wood 5 years
Changing Table Pad 1 year
Cribs, Crib Drawers & Evacuation Frame 5 years
Deluxe Glider Rocker 3 years
Deluxe Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions 1 year
Feeding Chair 1 year
Replacement Crib Mattress 1 year
PPE/COVID Sneeze Guards 1 year limited(against defects in material and workmanship only)
Face Coverings Nonreturnable
Rest Time Angels Rest® Blankets & Cot Sheets 1 year
Cot Activity Panels 3 years
Cot Activity Table Tops 3 years
Cot Name Clips 1 year
Germ-Free Rest Mats 3 years
Infection Control® Rest Mats 3 years
Mobile Rest Mat Storage 1 year
No-Fold Rest Mats 2 years
Non-Folding Germ-Free Rest Mats 3 years
Organic Blankets, Cot Sheets & Crib Sheets 1 year
Rest Mat Sheets 2 years
SpaceLine Cots 10 years
Super Rest Mat 2″ 4 years
Universal Cot Carrier 3 years
Value Line Cot Sheets 1 year
Value Line Cots 10 years
Storage Solutions Plastic Storage 2 years
Storage Trays 1 year
Transportation Bye Bye Buggy®, Canopy, Infant Seat 3 years
Bye-Bye® Buggy/Bus Cover 1 year
Bye-Bye® Bus, Canopy 3 years
Bye-Bye® Stroller Rain Cover 1 year
Runabout® 3 years
Runabout® Stroller Cover 1 year
SureStop Bye-Bye® Stroller 3 years

Children’s Factory will repair or replace any product which does not meet this express warranty.

Please contact the dealer from where you purchased the product with your original receipt and details of the warranty claim to start the process.

Children’s Factory is committed to offering the highest standard of products by continuing to update and improve all our products. Catalog and website images may not depict most recent updates or versions of every product.