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Flexible Seating for Travel or Home

Get A Lot of Mileage with Take Away Seats

Traveling in comfort and style with children can be a challenge. Children’s Factory® Take Away Seats make it easy for families to go sailing, camping, attend a backyard BBQ, or any number of activities. Anytime you embark on a day trip or a vacation that might involve sitting for a spell, Take Away Seats will be the “on-the-go” option you can use as a fall back to ensure your kiddos are comfy.

How They Work

These lightweight, foam-filled triangles fold open in seconds to create a comfortable seat with a backrest. Then, just as easily, they fold closed again. Seats feature a hook and loop closure with a carrying handle, which means kids can carry this load themselves. A convenient clear, plastic built-in pocket gives kids a place to store a book, a pencil, and a snack.

Flexible Seating for Classroom Social Distancing

Take Away Seats are not just for personal use. They were originally designed for daycares, preschools, and Montessori’s to use as a flexible seating option. Schools have mastered the art of engaging children. Moving kids from flex-space to flex-space as they participate in diverse learning activities is one of their secrets to success. Take Away Seats allow teachers to direct kids to pack up and head to another room or another location without too much trouble.

During these troubling times, how many different seating options give you the ability to space your kids 6 feet apart? When kids go back to school, Take Away Seats might be a perfect option for ensuring your kiddos adhere to social distancing.

Passport Learning Activity for Homeschools and Classrooms

Traveling the world without leaving your yard is easy with a little imagination and printable passport. Download our free Passport template so each child can create their own individualized faux document. Kids will love coloring and customizing their Passports. One idea is to give kids a gold star or a new stamp in their Passport each time they complete a learning activity in a different location in your classroom. Store Passports in the plastic pocket sleeve on their Take Away Seats so they don’t get lost.

Additionally, Children’s Factory has a  Where in the World Play Carpet and an Eco-Kids Rug you can use as teaching aids. Kids will be able to visualize where each country is on a world map as they learn about different cultures. Each week, as you highlight a new country, don’t forget to dole out a Passport stamp to add to their collection.