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Get your Class in Gear

Teachers, it’s time to get your class in gear!

Ah, the sweet smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the anticipation of a new school year. It’s that time when teachers scramble to create the perfect learning environment that will inspire, engage, and perhaps even survive the occasional crayon tornado. Fear not, dear educators! We’ve scoured the educational universe and found the crème de la crème of classroom essentials. Buckle up and get ready for the ultimate back-to-school setup to get your class in gear!

Must-Have Classroom Essentials:

The Quiet Divider Wall:

First up, create a quiet sanctuary where students can dive into their books, games, or projects without those loud distractions from the rest of the classroom. With the Children’s Factory Quiet Divider with Sound Sponge your classroom can be transformed into the quiet, peaceful oasis of your dreams.

The Comfy Corner:

Next, every classroom needs a cozy nook where little learners can curl up with a book or take a breather when the math equations get too puzzling. Enter the Children’s Factory Cozy Woodland Corner, complete with plush seating and soft lighting. It’s comfort and tranquility rolled into one!

The All-Powerful Whiteboard:

As well as that, we all know that superheroes need a secret weapon, and for teachers, it’s the trusty whiteboard. Whether it’s solving math problems or brainstorming ideas, the Children’s Factory Indoor/Outdoor Molded Double Easel is a teacher’s sidekick that brings order to the chaos.

The Organization Guru:

Keep those pesky supplies and papers from vanishing into the Bermuda Triangle with the Children’s Factory Teacher’s Locking Storage Cabinet. This organizing powerhouse has storage galore, with shelves, drawers, and compartments to ensure everything has its rightful place.

Go2 Bean Bag

Kids Bean Bag Chairs available on Amazon

The Energizer Bean Bags:

Let’s face it, sitting still for hours can be a real struggle, even for adults. Inject some movement into your classroom with Children’s Factory’s Go2 Bean Bags. With multiple size and color options, watch as students unleash their imagination all while improving focus and concentration.

The Versatile Cart:

It’s time to channel your inner superhero and embrace the power of mobility. With the Children’s Factory Value Line™ Mobile 3-in-1 Big Book Storage Cart, you can transport materials, books, and supplies effortlessly from one corner of the classroom to another. It’s like having your own trusty sidekick to lend a helping hand.