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Sensory Pumpkin Exploration

Start off by opening up the pumpkin and demonstrating how to use the scoop. Talk about the rules of pumpkin scooping and were they need to put the pumpkin seeds and guts. Discuss all the senses… minus taste. Izzy and I talked about the smell along with the colors and shapes we saw. As Izzy felt the inside we discussed how that felt and looked. I introduced new adjectives to her vocabulary as we described the pumpkin together.

Developmental Learning Outcomes:


Gaining new positional word vocabulary such as, in/out, before/after & first/next/last. Gaining these vocabulary words and understanding their definition: pumpkinroundgooeyslimyorangeseedssquishyhardstringy, smooth. Depending on the child’s age they may also be learning new colors, adjectives, and how to ask questions or explain what they see.


Gaining counting and one to one correspondence math skills when counting as they scoop.


Refining fine motor skills while choosing pieces for the Jack O’ Lantern’s face and while pushing them onto the face.

Social & Emotional:

Asking for help, building confidence in trying new things, guessing, sharing and turn taking.

Sensory Development:

Exploring and tolerating touching pumpkin juices, guts, seeds and the pumpkin smell.

Educational & Sensory Pumpkin Exploration


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