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Fun Sensory Activities

Sensory Table Activities for ToddlersFine Motor Tweezer Fun

Author Busy Little Izzy

During this activity you want to place the items slightly visible and out of the Kidfetti™ so the child can easily reach for the item with the tweezers. Be sure positional words such as onunderin out. We worked with pretend cookies and different colored letters. As we pulled out cookies or letters we would sort them based on cookie type and letter color. Say the colors with your child as they pull them out to support their color knowledge and sorting skills. Specifically for the “cookies”, as we pulled each one out we would count. Sometimes we would count the “cookies”once we had pulled all of one type out.

Your child may enjoy making the experience into a dramatic play situation. If you are hiding “cookies” in the table, let your child place them on a cookie sheet, plate or bowl as they pull them out with tweezers.

Developmental Learning Outcomes:

Language: Gaining new positional word vocabulary such as, onunderinout

Cognitive: Gaining math skills such as counting and sorting the different items they discover in the table. Gaining color and shape knowledge

Physical: Refining fine motor skills while practicing to grasp items from the sensory table with a pincer grasp. This can help build hand strength for handwriting down the road

Social & Emotional: Asking for help, building confidence in trying new things, guessing, sharing and turn taking

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