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Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when great gatherings are taking place. If you are organizing a family feast, it is nice to put some holiday decorations in your house and especially on the dinner table. Getting your kids involved in making the decorations would be a great opportunity to spend time together and discuss gratitude. Thanksgiving will be even more joyful because of their efforts. Easy decor will liven up any table for this festive holiday and let your children participate in the celebration. Most of the Thanksgiving crafts can be made using household items and materials that you probably already have at home. You can also take your children for a walk to collect leaves, cones, branches, etc. and see if they can change them into turkey or other seasonal motifs.

Here are some fun ideas on how to help your kids spend time before the event.


Turkey cutlery holder

It’s very easy for young children to make and lets them participate in creating the table settings for grandma, grandpa, aunt, and uncle. Shorten a paper towel roll, glue a feather on it which you can cut from colorful paper, then glue the googly eyes and foam beak. Simply put the napkin and cutlery inside the decorated roll on Thanksgiving Day.


Silly Thanksgiving turkeys bags

Make these turkey bags for Thanksgiving and use them as decor items, gift bags or just something that will keep children busy while preparing dinner. If you plan to have seats allocated at the Thanksgiving table, make a turkey bag for each guest and write their name on the bag.


Easy Turkish Cup

Although you probably would not drink from the plastic cup, your guests will surely admire it. It’s such a simple idea and great for a Thanksgiving table for the children. You can let children stick colorful feathers to the side of the cup, googly eyes and foam beak.


Turkey handprint

With the help of paints and creativity, your children can create this fantastic turkey handprint on canvas, cartons, napkins, etc. which can have many possible uses.


Pinecone Turkey

Take kids outside to collect small pinecones and colorful leaves for the feathers. Then let them stick leaves all around the back end of the pinecone to look like feathers. They can then glue the googly eyes and a beak on the face using either colorful construction paper or felt. It’s easy for all ages and absolutely adorable.


Chocolate pretzels turkey feathers

Chocolate pretzels are simple and tasty Thanksgiving treats which can be a part of the dessert or just for snacking. Cover the pretzel sticks in chocolate and sprinkles and then put them in a round glass bowl filled with chocolate nuts. The pretzels will look like turkey feathers. To make it look more like a turkey, you can glue the googly eyes and a beak to the bowl.

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for kids to show their creativity and learn more about the holiday. These simple crafts and family activities will surely bring a smile to your child as well as your dinner guests.

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