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Summer Learning Activities 

Summer Learning Activities for your children

Summer break is an opportunity for your child to unwind and recharge, but it’s important to ensure he or she is having an active mind. By incorporating summer learning activities into your child’s day, you can have fun while helping him or her get ahead for the next school year.

Create a Side Word Ladder

You can practice reading and spelling skills and have fun outside at the same time with a scribble word ladder. Write out a word on each ladder steps, and have your child start at the rear. Each time he or she ascends the ladder, ask your child to sound out the word he or she steps on. When he or she reaches the peak, turn the ladder around. You can also try counting by interchanging the words out for letters.

Make a Word-Building Kit

Create a word-building kit out of a metal lunch case, alphabet fridge magnets, and jumbo craft sticks with magnetic tape at the rear. Write a different word on each stick. You can make these words simple or more challenging based on your child’s skill level. Let your child choose a word stick, then place it on the cover case, and spell the word with the magnetic letters. Ask him/her to read each of the words as he or she spells them.

Decode Secret Message with Math

You can improve your child’s analytical skills by writing a secret message he or she has to decipher to read. First, choose what your message will be, allocating a number to each letter in your message. Create math equations that match the answers required to reveal the message. Then, create a decoder table that includes each letter of the alphabet your child will use to decipher the information. You can also give your child a bit of motivation by making the secret message the Wi-Fi password for the day.

Build Vocabulary with a Word Jar

You can build your child’s vocabulary skills by formulating a word jar and filling a jar with pieces of paper that have different words on each. Each day, let your child pick a word from the jar and ask him or her to explain it.   Ask your child to use that word in his or her discussions throughout the day. You can modify this activity for your child’s grade level, and help him or her build vocabulary skills by adding more challenging words each week.

Sort with Stickers

Practice identifying and sorting colors by having your child match stickers with colored pieces of paper. Include counting into this activity by summing the number of stickers on each piece of paper with your child. You can also change it by using stickers of various shapes and sizes and sorting them according to these features.

In conclusion, summer learning activities are a natural way to help your kids get ahead while also giving them quality time with you. Incorporating these fun lessons into your weekly summer plans will no doubt make the transition to the next school year an exciting and less stressful transition for all.