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The Importance of Gross Motor Skill Development in Children

From the first days of life, children begin using their bodies to learn about the world around them. And you may hear this term mentioned a lot – gross motor skills. But what are they and how do they help with the development of your child?

Believe it or not, an infant actually displays gross motor skills such as holding their head up, rolling from front to back and even sitting up independently. As they get older, they crawl and pull themselves up to a standing position – all different phases of gross motor skill development.

Gross motor skills involve the control and movement of the arms, legs, head and trunk. During the toddler years, they continue to develop by running, jumping, hopping, throwing and catching, pushing and pulling and even filling and emptying containers with age appropriate materials.


CF710-113PT Gross Motor Play Group

Both indoor and outdoor play can be one of the best ways to strengthen gross motor skills. You may choose to offer activities such as tossing and catching balls of different sizes, pitching bean bags, pedaling a riding toy or pulling a wagon. It can also be as simple as allowing a child to help push a stroller or broom or filling and emptying a bucket with something like sand or water.

Another words, movement is and should be at the very center of young children’s lives. Children’s Factory Gross Motor Play products can encourage this developmental play with unending interactive possibilities. Toddlers need time to focus on individual gross motor skills before they can combine the movements effectively and Children’s Factory offers a superior product line that can do just that.

Why start so young?
Sensory and motor experiences may be the basis for all intellectual functioning for approximately the first 2 years of life. Not to mention the fact that the physical activity level of young children has received increased national attention because of the rapid rise in childhood obesity.
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