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Teaching kids to value differences with dolls and puppets

Teaching to Value Differences

Will we ever be able to imagine a world where children of all races and backgrounds understand and respect each other? Even at an early age, children begin to notice differences in their peers.  Did you know at 2 years of age, children begin to notice gender and racial differences? And at 3 years old they can also notice physical disabilities?

Diversity activities can teach young children to not only respect, but celebrate the differences in all people. These activities can also offer new and exciting experiences for children while being introduced to this new concept of diversity.


Special Needs Equipment can be found in catalog.

Children’s Factory offers a fun way for young children to learn about these differences such as race, religion, traditions and gender.

  • Multi Ethnic Dolls and Puppets can introduce children to other cultures with their authentic detailing and in return it helps them explore their own ideas and thoughts about these outside cultures.
  • The Children’s Factory Special Needs line shows that children with disabilities are like all children in that they want respect and want to be included through interactive play.

Teaching to Value Differences with Multi-Cultural Hand Puppets and DollsEven though no two people are alike, everyone still has something in common and Children’s Factory can help enhance this attribute. It also offers a chance to ask questions through social interactive play, and that it’s actually okay to ask. They key is to be considerate and respectful on how those questions will be asked. This also offers the opportunity to discuss not just the weaknesses and differences, but to point out the strengths of someone different than us. And when children learn to see beyond the mystery of a disability or the color of someone’s skin, communication and appreciation can blossom.

It’s no coincidence that one of Children’s Factory’s steadfast core values is Unity. You can be confident in a company that is unified in their mission to provide the best quality educational products to their consumers.