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FUNtastic Pretend Play Carpets Take Imaginary Play to the Next Level

Pastel Pretend Play Carpets Create FUNtastic Play Experiences

If you have experienced or are currently dealing with a toddler who is going through a “pink phase”, these pastel play carpets will make you smile. Here are 5 pastel carpets designed to add some FUNtastic pink to pretend play activities:

Pastel Pretend Play Carpets Are Pink and FUNtasticOur Dream House (LC191)

Playing house is an important opportunity for children to dream about their future. They are practicing their adult behavioral skills by taking on adult roles. Kids will often use critical thinking skills to solve problems. During the process, they might begin to act out feelings they are not 100% sure how to express. Pretend play equips kids to deal with real-life scenarios later in life by helping them get in touch with their feelings and emotions.

Other problem-solving and cognitive skills are put to the test when kids are playing out scenarios where they must work as a team with other toddlers. Examples might include:

  • Making household decisions for the greater good of the family
  • Delegating and sharing responsibilities with other pretend “family members”

Cooperative, group play is extremely important for kids as they learn to get along with others.

Hopscotch and Pink - The best color with the best activity

LC199 (pictured here) and LC174 (pictured left) combine FUNtastic colors and Hopscotch!

Toddlers also improve language and communication skills while playing house. When children pretend to be other people (such as mommy, daddy, grandma, school teacher, etc.), they often use words and phrases that might shock parents and caregivers as they imitate others. This is when kids begin to really learn the meaning of different words and develop a larger vocabulary.

Our Dream House Play Carpet provides the backdrop for littles to conjure up a FUNtastic play environment where any number of pretend play scenarios might be imagined. It takes young minds from 0-60 FAST!

Hopscotch and Pink - The best color with a FUNtastic activity.Chalk Walk Play Carpet LC174 and Pastel Rainbow Hop Play Carpet LC199

These play carpets were designed to provide all the gross motor and hand-eye coordination benefits you would expect from hopscotch, but with none of the chalky mess. Caregivers, teachers, and parents will love how easy it becomes to transition into the next activity when there is almost zero clean-up. Use play carpets indoors and outdoors for hopscotch fun all year long. Read more about the benefits of hopscotch in our recent blog, Hopscotch Reminds Us Life Is All About Balance.

Hip Hop Play Carpet LC140

LC140 features an array of fun colors so pinksters will always love it.

LC140 features an array of fun colors. Pinksters will always love it, even after their “pink phase” is over.

One of the facets to hopscotch, making it just a bit more educational than other playground activities, is the requirement for kids to practice their numbers. Kids throw the included beanbags down the numerical path. They count as they hop – first ascending then descending. This carpet also features multi-colored squares. Use it for color identification games when toddlers tire of hopscotch.

Fun at the Fair Play Carpet LC720

Every child loves to attend the fair in person. Riding on the merry-go-round, embarking on hot air balloon adventures, or having an ice cream cone, a cookie or a root beer float from the amazing array of eateries one only finds at the fair – these sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can be experienced and remembered all year Fun at the Fair Carpet provides the backdrop for amazing pretend play activities.long. Inspire littles to engage in pretend play revolving around the fair. All that’s needed is a fun backdrop to give direction to their imaginations. It’s an easy way for a classroom, playroom or homeschool to host a fair every day of the year without a field trip.

What’s your child’s favorite color?

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