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Bye-Bye Strollers are for Exploring and Discovering

Exploration Begins with a Bye-Bye® Stroller

Bye-Bye Stroller for 4-6 Passenger Daycare Transportation

5-point padded harnesses keep kids safe while cushioned seats keep them comfy!

Children learn about the world experientially. Every new sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch provides their developing brain with interesting data to process. Tikes don’t need more screen time. They need hands-on experience. It’s how they process their surroundings and learn to understand how they fit into their world.

Make Life Mobile

The SureStop® Folding 4 or 6 Passenger Bye-Bye® Stroller offers a solution for commercial preschools (and large families) to take their kiddos on the road. If field trips are too difficult, we know many caregivers will opt to stay in the classroom. Yet, the classroom does not always provide a wide enough variety of sensory experiences kids require for cognitive development.

Transportation for little ones is easy

Bye-Bye® Stroller seats recline up to 45°.

Kids 6 months and older gain a greater awareness of people, places, and the environment when taken on regular field trips. Every new experience helps build neural connections between their body and brain. Developmentally, field trips also get kids up and moving and away from screens. When kids arrive at their destinations, kids participate in activities that often build gross and fine motor skills simultaneously.

Travel Comfortably & Safely

The Bye-Bye® Stroller features cushioned seats with padded, 5-point harnesses. Equipped with adjustable footrests and a padded safety bar, the front row of seating allows tikes to sit with their legs straight or bent. The padded bar ensures tikes always have a secure handhold. All seat rows recline up to 45°, which means little ones experience napping bliss during field trips.

Bye-Bye Stroller SureStop Hand Braking System

No-Roll SureStop® Technology automatically engages the brakes when the handlebar is released.

Strollers include removable canopies. Shade from the canopies protect kids from harsh sunlight so they stay cool in the summer months.

Caregivers adore the provided storage. Located below the handlebar, 2 spacious bins to store diapers, water, snacks and more.

No-Roll Brake Technology

No-roll brake system technology makes these strollers the best choice for parents and caregivers who prioritize peace of mind. The brake system works in two ways. There is a locking foot pedal as well as the SureStop® hand brake on the stroller’s handlebar. If a caregiver releases the handlebar, the brake system automatically engages. The locking foot pedal adds an extra layer of safety when loading and unloading kids.

Lightweight & Strong

Bye-Bye Stroller is safe for transporting 4-6 little ones

Foot brake acts as a back up to lock strollers in place.

The tubular, steel frame is sturdy yet lightweight. Maneuvering the Bye-Bye® Stroller on virtually any surface is easy due to the 360° pivoting wheels.

Fold & Store in Seconds

Space and time are two of our most precious assets. The Bye-Bye® Stroller folds in seconds. When collapsed, the stroller’s small size facilitates easy storage.

Ideas for Exploration Excursions

The public library is a great place to find out about fun events and “field trip” worthy places to take kids. Many times, the library negotiates better rates for these events to make them more affordable. Occasionally, venues are free! Worst case scenario, you can have kids look around for a book for you to read to them.

Bye-Bye® Strollers fold for quick and easy storage.

Bye-Bye® Strollers fold for quick and easy storage.

Other ideas:

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Butterfly Exhibits
  • Zoos
  • Museums
  • Petting Zoos
  • Aquariums
  • State Parks
  • Science Centers
  • Apple/Berry/Pumpkin Picking Farms
  • Train Museum
  • Toy Museum

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