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Woodland Cube Chairs are social CF910-072

Nature & Flexible Seating

Cube Chairs, Nature and Flexible Seating

Woodland Cube Chairs bring the calming colors of Mother Nature indoors. Available individually or in a Set of 3.

Early childhood education is placing a lot of emphasis on finding ways to bring nature indoors. Since it’s not feasible for most schools to transform themselves into a forest school where classes are held outdoors, many are finding the solution lies in redesigning and redecorating their classrooms. These simulated, nature-inspired environments often feature flexible seating and other furniture designed to the reduce stress levels children experience. Additionally, researchers say bringing the outdoors inside helps kids with their attention span, stimulates creativity, and contributes to emotional well-being. To learn more about the effect of natural elements in classrooms on children, visit The Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Classroom.

Woodland Cube Chairs Hit a Grand Slam

Is your goal to design a space with flexible seating inspired by Mother Nature? Cube Chairs have been a classroom, homeschool and playroom favorite for so long, they are sure to help you hit a grand slam. Available in sky blue, fern, blue and almond these versatile chairs are ideal for use indoors and outdoors. Add an educational carpet from our Woodland color palette, a few other pieces of décor, and your space will be flying right over the fence into the grandstands.

3-in-1 Value

Woodland Cube Chairs and flexible seating for classrooms

Almond Cube Chair has 3-in-1 value. Use is with a 6”h seat, 9”h seat or as a table

Children’s Factory is always striving to provide what we call “FUNctional” furniture for children. This term places the emphasis on fun, while not forgetting the function. Cube Chairs can be used in 3 ways. On one side the seat is 6”H. Flip it over, and the chair has a 9” seat height. Turn it on its side, and the chair becomes a table surface for kids to use while drawing, eating a snack, or participating in virtually any activity. The fun colors keep kids engaged in lessons. Kids of varying sizes will all find comfort sitting in these chairs.

Lightweight & Durable Flexible Seating

Cube Chairs are molded from durable, LLPDE material and feature rounded corners for safety. Lightweight, it’s easy to tote these chairs outdoors for fun in the sun when the weather warms up. Chairs wipe-clean in seconds and were designed to endure daily use. When the tot tornado hits, it’s comforting to know your chairs will hold up to the storm. (We recommend storing chairs indoors.)

Flexible Seating: Design on a Dollar

The nature of flexible seating & Woodland Cube Chairs

Influencer @Lyla.Bugg‘s tike loves her almond-colored Woodland Cube Chair.

Some of the hottest nature-inspired themes include props and wall murals you can make yourself. Here are the top 10:

  1. Place the Cube Chairs around a faux campfire with a “going camping” wall mural. Use an old school Airstream camper or a VW Bus as inspiration.
  2. Forest – treehouse theme
  3. Jungle – safari theme
  4. Waterfall or lazy river with rainbow or sunset theme
  5. Cactus – desert theme
  6. Botanical theme
  7. Dinosaur theme
  8. Farm animal theme
  9. Hot air balloon ride theme
  10. On the ranch – cowboy theme

Which theme will you use with the Woodland Cube Chairs to design your next nature-inspired space?