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Winter Themed Educational & Sensory Activities

Whether you are looking for something fun to entertain your child on the weekends or over holiday breaks, these activities are bound to keep them entertained and thinking. Who knows, you may even want to join in.

Winter Activities

Snowflake Search

What you need/optional items: activity table, pom poms, cotton balls, pipe cleaners (to create magnetic snowflakes), snowflake buttons

Set up: Cut the pipe cleaners and twist together to create snowflakes. In a bin or activity table, mix cotton balls, pom poms, snowflakes and any other items you wish to have your little one sift through with their hands and/or the magnet wand.

Activity: Use magnet wand to hover over the “snow” to find all of the snowflakes. Count how many snowflakes you find. Discuss the colors of items in the bin. Talk about the snowflakes and how the magnet wand grabbed them.

How is this educational? Child will be exposed to magnets & explore how some items are magnetic, while others are not. The child is building on their fine motor skills. The child is exposed to potentially new vocabulary such as: blue, white, silver, shiny, fuzzy, cotton balls, soft, round, sphere, magentic, small, big, large, wand & positional words such as: on, beside, over, under.

Snowflake Creations

What you need/optional items: muffin pan, pom poms, buttons, cotton balls, gems, & pipe cleaners

Set up: In a bin or activity table place muffin pan with sorted items such as mix cotton balls, pom poms, snowflake buttons and any other items you wish to have your little one create their snowflakes with.

Activity: Start off by showing your child the tray and items. They may want to explore and touch the items prior to creating. Next model how you can create a snowflake from the items in the pan. They may copy you, or not, either is fine. Discuss how snowflakes are symmetrical and what the word, symmetrical means. Discuss colors, shape and sizes & also use positional words.

How is this educational? The child will be exposed to positional words such as: on, over, underbeside. The child will be exposed to colors, shapes, and potentially new vocabulary such as: symmetrical, blue, silver, shiny, fuzzy, small, big, large, round, sphere, circle. The child is building on their fine motor skills.

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Winter Themed Educational & Sensory Activities

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