Value Stack 11″ Child Chair – Set of 2 – Natural Tan


SKU: AB7711NT2
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Value Stack™ Chairs offer durability and practicality, crafted with solid one-piece construction made of polypropylene. Featuring protective boots to prevent sliding and reduce noise, these chairs provide a safe and stable seating solution for children. Accommodating up to 100 lbs, all chair sizes can be stacked together, making storage and organization a breeze. With safe rounded edges and a choice of five different heights, Value Stack™ Chairs are ideal for classrooms, daycare centers, and recreational spaces.

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• Durable Construction: Value Stack™ Chairs are created using solid one-piece construction made of polypropylene, ensuring durability and longevity for everyday use.
• Protective Boots: Equipped with protective boots, these chairs help prevent sliding and reduce noise, enhancing stability and creating a quieter environment for learning and play.
• Stackable Design: All chair sizes can be stacked together, offering convenient storage and space-saving solutions for classrooms and playrooms.
• Safe Rounded Edges: Designed with safe rounded edges, these chairs prioritize safety, minimizing the risk of injury during use, especially for young children.

Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 15.625 × 17.25 × 21.75 in (39.69 x 43.82 x 55.25 cm)
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Recommended Age

3 Years to 6 Years


None Required



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