MyPosture™ Plus 12″ Chair – 4 Pack – Blue with Chrome Legs


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Introducing the MyPosture™ Plus 12″ Chair in a vibrant blue color with chrome legs. These chairs are designed to provide exceptional external postural and lumbar support, helping you maintain a healthy and natural curve of the spine. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue and slouching as these chairs work tirelessly to ensure comfort and proper alignment. With a set of four blue chairs, this pack is perfect for classrooms, playrooms, or any space where ergonomic seating is essential. Coordinate them effortlessly with our As We Grow™ Rectangular Adjustable Tables for a cohesive and stylish setup.

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  • Optimal Postural Support: MyPosture™ Plus Chairs are specifically crafted to deliver excellent external postural and lumbar support, promoting a healthy sitting position and maintaining the natural curvature of the spine. They effectively offset muscle fatigue and discourage slouching, ensuring superior comfort during extended periods of sitting.
  • Vibrant Blue Chair Set with Chrome Legs: This set includes four 12″” chairs in a bright blue color, complemented by sleek chrome legs for a modern and stylish look. Whether for individual desks or group activities, these chairs add a pop of color and enhance the aesthetic of any space. (Tables and desks sold separately.)
  • Easy to Move, Stack & Clean: Lightweight and maneuverable, these chairs can be easily transported from room to room, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing environments. They stack conveniently for space-saving storage, and their bleach/water cleanable design ensures effortless maintenance.
  • Eliminate Wobble: Each chair is equipped with four durable, nylon, self-adjusting swivel floor glides. These glides allow you to twist and slightly adjust the length of each leg independently, eliminating wobbling caused by uneven floors and providing stability and balance.

Additional information

Dimensions 15.5 × 14.5 × 23 in (39.37 x 36.83 x 58.42 cm)
Recommended Age

6 Years – 12 Years


None Required


Targeted Learning

Social Interaction

Truck Only



10 Years