The Power of Play – Introduction

“Play is the essential ingredient, the vehicle by which children
communicate, socialize, learn about the world around them, understand themselves and others,
deal with their problems, and practice some of the skills they will use in the future.”
(Hartley, 1971)

Lear about the Power of Play with Children’s Factory, and help children to learn and grow every day! Our lesson plan guides will help to create a world of fun in every classroom.

Children’s Factory – Lesson Plans

0-8 months – Mirrors – See the Baby?

9-15 months – Toddler Hollow – Round We Go!

12-24 months – Climbing Blocks – King of the Mountain

12-24 months – Snuggle Corner – Look at You!

12-24 months – Soft Tunnel Set – Look at You!

3 years + – Kidfetti – How Many Cups?

3-4 years – Bubble Mirrors – Look at Me!

3-4 years – Mix & Match Mat and Blocks

3 years + – Sand and Water Table – Sink or Float!