What could be more fun and rewarding than creating safe play spaces for children?

That’s what we’ve been busy doing at Children’s Factory for over 39 years!

We consider your child’s safety paramount. Our Children’s Factory team is unified in our mission to providing the safest products for them today while doing our part to preserve the environment for their future. As we embark on the next 39 years of serving you, we are renewing our pledge to offer innovative and safe learning products to our customers.

What We Do

Children’s Factory is a leading manufacturer and customer service provider of products to the early childhood education market. Since our start in 1981, we continue to provide safe products so our children can enjoy a Spectrum of Learning, Growing, Exploring and Achieving.

Working closely with our dealer network and educators our creative team designs quality products with children’s safety and learning being the priority. Our highly qualified team is constantly working to deliver the best quality and service each and every day.

The Children’s Factory Way: Do The Right Thing

Our Core Values

  • Bold and Daring – Not afraid to take risk and learn from it.
  • Continuous Improvement – We want to be better tomorrow than we are today.
  • Integrity – Honest, Genuine, Trustworthy.
  • Unity – Help each other achieve aligned goals.
  • Grateful – Consistently expressing appreciation.
  • Work-Life Balance – Achieving the best in both.


value-integrity value-unity

value-gratefulwork life balance

Made in the USA


In our 39 years of business, The Children’s Factory team is continuously improving our process by finding new ways of helping our community and our planet. Our staff is dedicated to the sustainability of our environmental principles. We are happily taking the following measures:

  • Recycle paper, cardboard, foam, bottles, and plastic, to reduce landfill size.
  • Donate our ink cartridges to local schools for fundraising purposes.
  • Donate unused material to local schools and daycares to encourage artistic play.
  • Repurpose material that cannot be recycled.

By educating our staff to make everyone accountable for the greater good of our environment, we are striving to make a better tomorrow for the children who use our products.

The extent of our green movement is always growing by reducing our waste output, increasing our recycling, and giving back to our community. We are putting forth our best efforts to ensure a safe, environmentally friendly product for our valued customers.