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5 Pack Red/Blue 4 Section, 2" thick Infection Control Mat

Germ Guard® Rest Mats, X-tra wide radio frequency sealed seams, prevent germs and bacteria from infiltrating or migrating within our mats, protecting the child against possible infection from harbored germs. Using a water diluted bleach mixture sanitizes all surfaces to prevent external contamination.

The Children's Factory's patented Infection Control Rest Mats® are manufactured using radio frequency vinyl welding technology, which completely seals all seams. Because there are no holes in the rest mat, there are no portals for entry for bacteria to colonize in the rest mat. This process controls the cross infection when properly sanitized with a bleach and water solution. 3 year warranty.

48"L x 24"W x 2"H

Item Number



CF400-519RB Page 68 $ 144.95

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